Explore our learning journeys on the topics that boost the development of your talents

Learning leadership

Build the foundation for your leadership success

You will learn basics and valuable tools in key leadership dimensions to sharpen your personal leadership style, enhance your leadership performance and gain clarity on your strengths and areas of development.

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Design Your Career

Discover your potential and create your own path in your company

You will develop a deep understanding of your individual strengths, needs and potentials and learn how to derive an attractive plan for your professional future from these. You will also learn the necessary skills to put this plan into action and find the perfect place for you in your company.

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Running effective meetings

Put an end to unproductive meetings

In this course, you'll improve your comprehension of meetings and gain valuable skills to efficiently organize and lead them, making them the most productive part of your workday and a positive experience for all participants.

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Mastering conflicts

Learn how to turn conflict into an opportunity

You will develop your attitude towards conflicts and learn effective conflict management tools to better understand your own conflict behavior, to see conflicts as an opportunity and to use their dynamics in a positive way to achieve goals.

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Mentoring apprentices

Lead your apprentices to a successful vocational qualification

You will learn relevant background knowledge and effective methods that will help you to effectively support apprentices in your organization and booster your confidence in mastering challenges you face in your mentoring role.

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Sustainable talent development with gyde

Offer for HR & talent development

Organizations and individuals achieve the best results when they take a long-term approach to talent development. That’s why we love to help companies on this journey. By combining our learning journeys into individual development plans, we provide HR with the necessary building blocks to create great talent development programmes.

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