gyde is the platform for your leadership and talent development.

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How do you guide your talents to the next level today?

We help professionals and leaders with highly effective learning journeys which integrate easily into everyday work and expand their horizon.


The principle of "interplay" - that's how learning works today.

The changing world of work also requires a new way of learning.
Principles from the most important learning theories play together highly effectively at gyde.
Specifically, with Interplay we combine 3 elements on one intelligent platform.
GYDE Interplay Symbol
Gyde Interplay Element 1
Element 1


In 5-10 minute micro-learning units per day, your talents are provided with practice-relevant knowledge and tools.
Element 2


New knowledge must be anchored. That is why each learning unit includes carefully selected reflection exercises.
GYDE Interplay Element 2
GYDE Interplay Element 4
Element 3


Learning is best done together. In regular video coaching sessions with other talents, knowledge is shared and horizons are broadened.
These exchanges are particularly effective when we bring together people from different companies.

Our learning journeys: effective knowledge for managers

We offer suitable courses for many of the most pressing challenges facing executives. These can be combined to create individual learning journeys.

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Our Team

Photo - OmarPhoto - AndreasPhoto - Daniela
Lukas Heinzmann
Co-Founder & CEO
Omar Sanchez
Co-Founder & CTO
Dr. Andreas Bunz
Co-Founder &
Head of Coaching
Dr. Daniela Bernhardt
Applied Psychologist
Photo - TobiPhoto - Joschka
Photo - David
David Kunchev
UX/UI Design
Photo - Lara
Joschka Burgmann
Software Developer
Tobias Hilgers
Software Developer
Lara Krautmacher
Design & Product